Google Spaces

Last night I saw the announcement for Google Spaces, which they are pushing as a messaging application for small groups. Their goal seems to be to shift from conversations grouped by contacts with multiple topics of discussion into the inverse, where the topic stays static and the people join. It's a decent idea, but I have to wonder why they wouldn't add it to a myriad of other applications they have that do messaging (Hangouts). Group sharing isn’t easy. From book clubs to house hunts to weekend trips and more, getting friends into the same app can be challenging. The problem with their approach is highlighted by their opening statement. I have friends that are content with iMessage, or Hangouts, or just plain old text messages. It's hard enough to get people to change how they do an every »

Overwatch experiences, and justifications

It's May 10th and Overwatch, a shooter from Blizzard, is wrapping up their open beta in preparation of the upcoming launch later this month. At this point, I've put in several hours into both the console and PC versions. It's quite polished, which is something Blizzard had been quite good with in the past unlike some other developers. First Experiences I've been playing shooters for quite some time, with Counter Strike being the first to really occupy all of my attention. I remember playing Counter Strike when it was a mod, before Steam was a thing. The simplicity of it was appealing; you buy a gun and go shoot people. Your skill level was really the determining factor, and if you were better than your opposition, you'd beat them 9 times out of 10. I liked that, I got satisfaction »

Ingenuity Pending

Brand new blog up and running. May not remain stable from day to day as I intend to experiment with different technologies to see how I can break them. Currently living in the D.C. Metro area working as a Network Engineer, so this blog may contain excerpts from encounters and lessons learned in that respect. I also enjoy programming and video games as a hobby, so potentially some of that as well. »